some things do last forever (almost)

Perennials are the closest thing to permanent in a garden. They are heartier plants, that live through winter and flourish year after year. Once well-established they flourish with little maintenance. Annuals grow for only one year. I plant them, they live through the growing season and die. Next year, if I want to grow them again I have to start all over. This year most of the flowers in your arrangements will come from showy annuals. Since they only live one year they really give all their energy to blooming. But in addition to proud annuals, perennial flowers also make beautiful cut flowers. They often add qualities of delicacy and fragrance to an artful bouquet. Since I live at a cooperative house that is committed to permaculture design, I’ve portioned aside a bit of this year’s purchasing funds to include some perennial plants as well as prairie plants. I ordered the perennials from Bluestone Perennials. Aren’t these lovely? (Eryngium Jade Frost Perennial pictured here.)

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