the great outdoors

Ahhh…just when the frost-free date officially arrives (May 12th), perennials are delivered via postal service and the seedlings are beginning to outgrow their wombs a cold snap hits! Though it feels cold to us humans who had so quickly adapted to the unseasonably warm weather of last week, the cooler temperatures this week aren’t that unusual for Illinois this time of year. Which means now is the perfect time for everything to head out to the field including me! I spent most of Monday pulling weeds that had sprung up since the flower beds were prepped a month ago and planting, planting, planting. Flowers that I direct seeded include: Amaranth (Love Lies Bleeding), Celosia (Flamingo Feather Cockscomb), Lupinus Texensis (Texas Bluebell), Indonesian Kennikura (Cosmos), Asters (Double Rainbow mix), Baby’s Breath (Covent Garden), Globe Amaranth, Nasturtium and Marigold. Plants transplanted include: Sunflowers, Snap Dragons (Rocket Mix) and many more still to get in the ground. Perennials (!) in the ground now include: Chrysanthemum S. Alsaska (daisy), Salvia May Night, Eryngium Jade Frost and Sapphire Blue. With plants now settling into the earth, discipline and attention on my part is required. I enjoy this daily ritual of watering and weekly weeding. I look forward to this quiet time spend caring for things as they grow.

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