rain puddles and white picketed fences

A few weeks ago the garden was particularly soggy. The field was too wet for most hands on gardening. However, I still managed to stay busy with gardening projects. I found the Lion’s Tail seeds I harvested from last year’s plants and started them inside. (Late is better than never.) I transplanted some sunflower volunteers out of the soon-to-be-ready squash beds. I placed them at the east and west ends of my flower rows with the intention that they will serve to block wind once they get tall, but won’t block the sunshine beaming from the south. The biggest indoor garden project was to build a sturdy gate. I wanted one that would keep dogs, rabbits and chickens from nibbling or trampling the now teeny flower plants and of course I wanted it to look good.

Recycling some old fencing from the yard I was able to create just what I was dreaming of. I sanded down the old fencing, cut some back boards the right length, repainted and re-assembled a new/used gate. It’s a little traditional I admit, but there’s something pleasing about this classic aesthetic amidst all the alternative garden art and other weirdo fabulous activities going elsewhere in the yard.

Entrances are important. Now that this garden has a threshold, don’t you kinda’ want to cross it? Come on over, there’s plenty to weed!

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