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We just returned from two long weekend weddings out of town. The first was in Wisconsin for a friend’s wedding and the second in beautiful Boulder, Colorado for JP’s sister’s wedding. The rolling hills and red barns of Wisconsin are quintessential midwest. Purple thistle adorned the roads everywhere we went. There was plenty of splendor for the eye in every direction. I was somewhat pleased to notice how much further ahead my Urbana garden was than most of flowers in Wisconsin. The wedding was on an old farm and had a simple, lovely, country aesthetic. My friend is an artist and so is her (now) husband. The entire event was a treat for the eyes. The flower arrangements were quirky and dear. It inspired me to see that many of the flower varieties are ones I’m growing for this year’s CSA! How lucky I am to be able to provide local and organically-grown versions of the same flowers that are often grown on commercial flower farms in other countries and shipped long distances for occasions such as weddings. In case you are curious some of the flowers in the Wisconsin wedding I’m speaking of are: sunflowers, queen anne’s lace, rocket snapdragons, and bachelor’s buttons. In Colorado, the alpine flora had me stopping every few steps to admire them and take more pictures. Fresh mountain air, good friends in celebration and flowers so dear and delicate- it’s enough to make anyone pause and breath deeply. I encourage you to see all the lovely around you today. Happy weekend y’all.

delphiniums in boulder, co

feverfew near a sweet little garden gate in boulder, co

boulder farmer’s market blooms

more boulder blooms

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