my kind of fireworks

This week’s inaugural bouquet was inspired by the season of fireworks as well as a tribute to my mother, whom died on the third of July ten years ago. She was a dedicated and knowledgeable gardener. I learned so much from her about growing plants, landscape design and the fundamentals of artful flower composition. She had many tips and tricks that have stuck with me and are now evident in these bouquets. Her advice: include flowers of varying heights, feature plants should be in odd numbered groupings, make color a conscious decision, etc. But enough about my own nostalgia- this post is about new beginnings! Flowers included in this week’s posies are: queen anne’s lace, daisy, rocket snap dragon, native sunflower, a few herbs, dill, garlic tops and a couple of prairie-seeming plants I don’t know the names of but would imagine names like spiky ball grass and white prairie bloom. (If you can identify these flowers, please share!) In case you aren’t one of the lucky recipients of this week’s harvest here’s a glimpse of the flora for your enjoyment.

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