make hay while the sun shines

There’s a lot that happens between the seed and the vase. When I think about my work as a flower farmer I often call to mind the image of the abundent bright floral displays jarred and in the hands of my CSA shareholders. However, the past few weeks have imersed me all the “other” that goes into growing flowers. A glimpse at my recent “work.”

Weeding & Mulching:

Tree trimmers have plenty of wood mulch. Did you know they have to pay to dispose of it? I ask some neighborhood trimmers if I could buy some of their wood chips. They gladly suggested to bring the mulch to me for free. Here’s the huge pile and the neatly mulched garden paths (not pictured my sweaty, dusty, sunburned face and my back ache…)

Fertilizing (or in the organic world making compost tea, nettle tea and spreading chicken coop straw):

Stinging nettle tea is a great way to add nitrogen back into the soil and boost plant growth. Luckily we have nettle growing in the garden and I’ve got a good pair of gloves to protect from the stings. I just harvest it, put it in a bucket filled with water and let the sun do the brewing of this tea.

Here’s another soil booster recipe I tried out: 1 cup compost, 1 five gallon bucket of water, 1 small water pump Brew for 24 hours and like magic: compost tea!

Harvesting & Arranging:


I’m drafting some business cards on to hand out and talk up Delight! CSA membership for next year. Blogging is used for marketing, record keeping and accountability to my shareholders. This “businessy” type of work is probably my least favorite part of the job but is vitally important to enabling this whole flower growing ordeal to being called a “job.” I do love taking photos and sharing what’s happening in the garden!

And at the end of a long day of flower farming work…I have a glass of wine in the “office.”

Lately, when I call to mind my job as a flower farmer I imagine that dwindling pile of mulch. And surprisingly that makes me smile too.

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  1. Hi Maggie May! I am enjoying your blog (and the flowers) so much! The pictures are absolutely lovely. I have been wanting to start my own blog for a while- you inspire me!

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