bees and flowers

We know that flowers are good for bees. Bees feed on pollen and sweet nectar. But how are bees good for flowers? In the words of my partner, JP, “Bees are the way in which flowers make love.” Sounds romantic eh?

Bees are so fascinating. The statistic I’ve heard is that 1/3 of all human food depends on insect pollination. It goes like this: Plants create flowers. Flowers have male and female parts. In order to reproduce, (A.K.A. make seeds, which, in some plants are housed inside of yummy fruits and vegetables) pollen from male and female parts must meet. Kind of like courtship in the plant world. This is where the bees come in. While female bees are out foraging on nectar, they also pack pollen on their legs in little pollen baskets. Baskets full of pollen tend to resemble bright yellow clown pants on little bee legs. It’s quite cute. You can see these a bit in the first photo of this post.

This is the time of year we see the evidence of the bees’ hard work. Flowers finished blooming transform into seeds for next year’s planting. I have been already saving seeds from some of this year’s flowers.

Here at La Casa, where the delight garden is, we have two honey bee hives. I enjoy helping with the beekeeping and observing the active buzz of these fascinating creatures. This week we reaped another perk of having bees nearby: sweet golden honey.

Now this is delight!

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