nature’s diary

Whenever I wander through the garden with my camera I can’t help but feel like I’m recording observations like I did in a childhood sketchbook. You know the type: a sturdy big book, with pressed leaves, notes about what color each flower is, drawings, poetry, berry ink, weeds taped into the cover, etc. Here’s what this year’s equinox walk had to offer.

:: Peppers shine in the dusky eve’s light.

:: Late blooming flowers like sunflowers and asters, provide late season pollen for the bees.

:: Leaves and berries start to put on a show.

:: Finally the lion’s tail planted back in April prepares to bloom, at last! (And it has several other buggy admirers here to witness).

I’d suggest you take some time today to walk with a camera, a journal, a sketchbook or just the blank landscape of your open mind. With childlike wonder take in all this season has to offer.

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