give your valentine a gift that keeps on blooming for weeks on end!

This is perhaps environmentally the worst time to give flowers as a gift. It’s mid-winter in Illinois so all roses and carnations and such are shipped from international locations. Besides the ethical cost of fuel to transport these sweetheart flowers, often these commercial farms use heavy pesticides, resulting in ill health effects to flower farm employees, or allergic reactions in those recipients with chemical sensitivities.

But you don’t have to get down on yourself for wanting to surprise your sweetie with the gift of flowers. A wonderful alternative is to give your honey membership in a local floral CSA. Yes, sign up yourself or your darlin’ for this year’s Delight! Flower CSA and receive local, organically-grown flowers for fifteen full weeks! (July-Oct).  Register by Feburary 14th and recieve a handmade gift card and a sweet little grapevine heart!

For more info about this year’s flower CSA or to sign up email Maggie at or visit the membership page.


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