Field Trip.

This week we were invited to harvest some of the many gorgeous wildflowers out at Tiny Greens/Ananda Lina farm by my friend Dustin. This is great news for everyone: shareholders will receive some variety in their arrangement this week, the Delight garden gets a week of break to nurture new blooms and we took ourselves (and dogs) on a field trip. We splashed in the refreshing river, enjoyed the shade of the walking trails and ooed and awed while we gathered the wild blooms! Here’s glimpse of our morning for you to enjoy!

One thought on “Field Trip.

  1. How wonderful! I’m so happy you and Sam and the dogs were able to come out and harvest such a bounty of blooms and berries! A reminder to everybody receiving the arrangements, the Autumn Berries are edible and tasty and super nutritious (though still a little tart). They are the red speckled berries with the smaller green/silver leaves. However the Poke Berries are not to be eaten. That is the black shiny berries with the bright red stems. They are poisonous. I hope everybody enjoys looking at them as much as you enjoyed picking them!

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