Heaven in the Midwest




Sharp’s Crossing Lavender Farm is north of Urbana on Highway 45, halfway between Urbana and Rantoul. The farm is U-pick and is only open for a couple of weekends a year in late June. When I pulled up to the farm last Friday I was greeted by Jan Meier, who grows all the lavender. She handed me some shears and sent me to harvest. I walked the rows of huge lavender plants, harvesting plenty. I headed back over to the little table under the tree to ask her how much I had gathered. She replied, “six dollars.” This really is heaven! Lavender in the Midwest and really cheap. I enjoyed my visit and, of course, filled my arms three times over. Now I’ve got lavender hanging to dry all over my house. It’s one of my favorite fragrants. Too bad you can’t smell the farm from these pictures!

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