In a tizzy over tansy




Several of you have asked, “What’s that lovely yellow button flower?”

It’s tansy! Tansy is also known as Common Tansy, Wild Tansy, Gold Leaf Tansy, Stinking Willie, Bitter Buttons, Ginger Plant, Cow Bitter, Scented Fern (for the odor), Cheese (for the flowers), Mugwort, or Golden Buttons.

It flourishes wild practically everywhere. You may see it by the road or growing in recently disturbed soil. The tansy in the Delight CSA garden planted itself and I’ve let it keep growing where it landed. This is the third year it’s come back and now it’s taller than me! Tansy is a lovely addition to the weekly shares, but it’s also an invasive species, so unless controlled it takes over.  That’s a great reason to harvest its’ blooms and stop the spread of its’ seeds. I’ve put it in the harvest bundles for several weeks now. I just harvested the rest of the blossoms to dry for natural dying and homemade insect repellent. Although you can tell from the pictures that it won’t keep all of the bugs away! There’ s a big beetle clear as day- just like some of us- in a tizzy over tansy. Enjoy!

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