Truly Community Supported!

IMG_4682CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a model used by farmers to enable their farms to thrive even in years of drought or too much rain (or sun, bugs, etc). CSA farms are financially backed by local members of a community who want to invest in the farm. Which means the farm is able to sustain itself financially even in bad weather conditions. When weather is good and circumstances go well, the community backers get an abundant share of the harvest. In not so ideal farming conditions community supporters still get a share of the harvest, although, it might be smaller. The farm is able to continue on into the next year in either scenario. It’s a way of sharing risk as well as harvest!

We are very pleased that this year two local community/cooperative organizations have decide to support our farm by purchasing shares of the Delight CSA flower farm! Common Ground Food Co-op and Urbana Community Acupuncture.

cgfcsmCommon Ground Food Co-op is located in Urbana, IL and is based on the consumer owned co-op model. It’s responsive to member/owner input. Common Ground is quite a power house in our little Urbana and is soon to expand to a Champaign location too. They need more members (your support!) to make this 2nd store happen, so there’s another opportunity to grow together! Some of my favorites at the co-op are their house chai, and local produce (You can’t beat the sweetness of Blue Moon carrots!) Common Ground is supporting us for the second year in a row. Our flowers will be blooming on the cafe tables all summer long!

tumblr_mfcd3xGPs61r45ubqo1_r2_500 Urbana Acupuncture is a business with a like-minded business philosophy. Here, acupuncture is offered in a group setting and at a sliding scale rate. This model encourages people to heal together, receive treatments often, and keep costs affordable. When people spread the word and bring friends for treatments everyone benefits. The business thrives, people heal, and the prices for customers stay affordable! I especially love the ambient sounds and comfy chairs available at Urbana Acupuncture- excellent for relaxin’! This year our flowers will be there to greet you as you come for healing!

We membership page. Thanks for your support, Urbana community!


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