Plant + Surrender

Plant + Surrender


There is only so much work we can do as plant-tenders:

Nurture the soil,

Plant the seeds,

Water + mulch.

But the seed is the real worker! Covered in the Earth’s darkness, it primes itself to thrive, to jump up, unfold, and kiss the sun’s sweet rays. Meanwhile, we wait. We plant and surrender.

I am constantly amazing by the intelligence of seeds. They need so little to prosper: soil, water, sun. Though we as farmers do much to nurture the growing process, we can never take full credit for the precious life we grow. Nature’s brilliance is the true master here!

The start of the season was quite busy for us. We went to work in early spring starting seeds and spreading the word about CSA shares. As the weather warmed, we amended the soil in the garden, created a completely new layout for our garden beds, and put up a new fence with help from our dear friends.


Now, as spring sets into summer, we calmly wait each day for more flowers to bloom. Waiting means we must surrender to that which we can’t control. The recent abundance of rain has really tested us to let go. While the storms persist, we naturally worry about our little flowers. But they have more resilience and tenacity than we always acknowledge. I am happy to report that despite the all of rain that we’ve seen in the past weeks, our flowers are slowly peeking out.

Our first harvest is this week! Maggie, Holly and I are all so excited to get out in the garden, pick the season’s first flowers, and create some beautiful arrangements for our shareholders. A new year and new flowers offer themselves to our hands and imaginations. Some of our early blooms include: daisies, goosenecks, marigolds, calla lilies, snapdragons, sweet peas, zinnias and sunflowers. This is only the start!

May your last days of spring be filled with sweetness.

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