Office to Earth

Office to Earth

Sometimes, farming looks like this:

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or this:

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This past winter really challenged us to put on our big-girl-pants and get serious about: budgeting, marketing, crop planning, ordering on time, writing a business plan, drafting contracts, forming an entity, creating a partnership agreement, and answering more emails than ever before. All of this behind-the-scenes work has meant a lot of late night meetings – meetings that can only happen after we’ve all finished our day jobs – that occasionally involve a way-too-late cup of coffee. (Tip: if you’re looking for a good laugh courtesy of three over-caffeinated farmer gals, try attending one of our Tuesday night meetings.) But, I tell ya, we’re ready (oh-so-ready) for a change of scenery. It’s nearly time to trade laptops for clipboards, iPhones for shovels, and notebooks for blooms.

We’ve started moving our starts out of the greenhouse and into the light of these gorgeous spring days. It feels good to be able to bring flats home from the greenhouse and nurture them right on our back porches. The warm sun, rain and gentle breezes will gradually help the flowers grow stronger and heartier, so that they’ll be able to weather the summer elements. Another exciting development from this week: bed prep! Wes Jarrell of Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery got out in the field early this week to mow down the rye poking up in our beds. Next, we will till and make necessary soil amendments, and then the beds will be ready for our mighty little transplants.

We know there’s a lot of hard work ahead, but we’re so excited to get our hands dirty. We are┬áready for the reaffirming and invigorating work that goes on during the summer. It’s easy to lose sight of the dear magic of plants when we have our noses pressed to glowing screens. Still, balance is a key to steady success and contentment – we need the quiet planning of winter to balance the colorful chaos of spring and summer.

This week, after a bout of tulip harvesting, we all had a chance to lay in the grass on our humble little piece of land (no shoes, no cell phones). A deep breath all together in the evening sun gave us a little glimpse of summer’s sweetnesses to come.

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