Delight Flower Farm is a sustainable, women-owned cut flower farm. Since 2011, we have provided the Champaign-Urbana community with access to beautiful, fresh and safe cut flowers. What began as a humble experiment in a backyard garden, has grown into a thriving small farm that provides an alternative to the status quo of the present day global flower industry.

HISTORY. Delight was born in a small plot of backyard garden in 2011. The land was one small slice of a 2 acre yard behind a cooperative home, La Casa Grande Colectiva, in residential Urbana. The farm solely offered CSA services; the first year’s CSA had just seven members. Each year, CSA sign-ups powered the growth of the small operation. In 2016, the ladies of Delight enrolled in Central Illinois Farm Beginnings (CIFB), a sustainable farm business training program offered by The Land Connection. This training course propelled the farm to new heights; a business plan was written, an LLC was formed, and a bigger growing space was leased. Delight now leases land from the incredible farmers at Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery. Our method of farming is a marriage of organic gardening and experimenting in more integrated styles of crop cultivation and permaculture. Each year has brought consistent, well-tempered growth and change for Delight. And steadily, the Delight team has grown – first there was Maggie, then Holly, next Liz, and now Daniel.

SERVICES. True to our roots, we still offer 10 or 15 week-long cut flower CSA shares. We’ve also expanded our offerings to include a la carte wedding flower supply and design, as well as custom subscriptions for businesses and restaurants. During the season, our flowers can be found at local grocery stores, local florists, and the Urbana farmer’s market. We also grow edible flowers, medicinal herbs, and sell evergreen wreaths in winter. Finally, in keeping with our long-term vision for the farm, we teach a variety of workshops on environmental sustainability, floral design, and self-care practices throughout the year.

MISSION. Delight Flower Farm is an environmentally friendly flower farm providing our community with a local, sustainable option for gorgeous flowers.  We grow our flowers to help people become aware of and connected to locally grown flowers, to support ourselves in our livelihood as farmers, and to aid in land and pollinator restoration.

MAGGIE. I wear many hats (especially on sunny days). I love working with the beauty and challenges of nature. Besides growing and arranging flowers I am a yoga instructor, librarian, artist, cyclist, zine-maker, and several other things. I’ve been picking flowers and sticking them in vases since I was a kid. Thanks to my green-thumbed, hard-working mother I learned how to grow them as well. It’s truly remarkable and inspiring. I love the process of going out the garden, seeing what’s in bloom and composing the shapes, colors and flowers most pleasing to the eye. I am touched to be able to share it will you. Know that each bouquet is arranged with an artistry and enthusiasm. It is my hope that these lovely bundles will bring you and your home or business delight throughout the summer.




HOLLY. Holly Monet Curia has a love for nature, the simple life, yoga, cooking, and the arts. Holly has traveled to live on and learn from organic farms around the world and has spent the last several years endeavoring into the world of urban farming here in Urbana with chickens, permaculture gardening, rainwater collection, and making compost. Holly finds her greatest joys in discovering the gifts of the natural world and how we as humans can be a part of it in our daily lives. Holly is overjoyed to be joining Maggie and Liz again this year for Delight. For her, flowers represent beauty, growth, patience, and enlightenment.



LIZ. I grow and gather plants at home, and with the Delight team. I cook at the Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurant and in my home kitchen. I sing and play music – loudly, spontaneously and often. And I spend time making herbal medicinal preparations and studying herbal medicine. All of these passions connect me to the land in some way, shape or form. I humbly wish to do good for the Earth, and all Earth inhabitants, by practicing care for the land through growing flowers, creating art, and peacefully communing and working with other people, plants and creatures.