CSA membership

Membership for the 2017 summer flower season is OPEN!

With your membership you will receive one share (bouquet) of our organic, locally-grown, specialty, flower harvest per week during the growing season. The season is ten or fifteen weeks long and runs from mid-June through August. Membership is payable by check/cash and must be paid in full at the time of sign up. This is a small scale farm and membership is limited!

10 Weeks $200 (+$50 delivery)

15 Weeks $300 (+$75 delivery)

As with most CSAs, our flowers will be harvested and arranged on the day of pick up to ensure the freshest blooms. Pick up is located on the farm (@ Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery) or delivery is available for an additional fee per season. Please note, the flowers are harvested in pretty bundles, but aren’t arranged like a florist would do. They look great straight from the bucket to your vase… or if you feel inspired to make flower art yourself you may want to take time arranging them.

Shares will include flowers grown for their unique and sculptural qualities, as well as their ability to hold up well in vases. We are often inspired to include culinary herbs, berries, and greenery in addition to the nostalgic, and more traditional cut flowers in our bundles. These flowers are intended to please to the eye, inspire conversation and uplift the space surrounding them.

Print and complete our CSA contract using this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NFqh3NV805BY6GJbSeQ_VowCKkYzT2eVQLTv_5i3RFs/edit?usp=sharing

Mail us your contract w/ check to:

Delight Flower Farm c/o Maggie Taylor, 806 S. Lynn St, Urbana Il 61801

-or- mail in your CSA contract and pay online HERE

Questions? E-mail DelightCSA@gmail.com

EnrollĀ for a summer full of flowers!