Week 9

We can't believe it's come to week 9/10 already! In fact, I'm late on publishing this post from last week and we are already now well into week 10! This season seemed to fly by once we dried out from the Urbana Monsoon that was June. Shareholders, please come to…

Upcoming classes!

Flower Power (class) at Common Ground Food Co-op, Saturday, August 29th, 2-3 pm. $5 owner/ $10 non-owner In this workshop learn many benefits of growing flowers (good for bees, good for veggies, good for the environment, and good for you!). Participants will learn cut flower basics, plant seeds to tend…

Thriving Together

Symbiosis :: the interaction that happens when two or more different organisms live in close proximity to one another and the relationship is mutually beneficial. In the natural world symbiosis happens all the time. For example, the fungus (peaking out in the photo above) needs the old wood for food.…

Order Local Holiday Wreaths!

I hope this season finds you well and warm. I'm now taking orders for holiday wreaths. I hand-make them with locally-grown greens, pine cones, dried flowers and a little bling. I plan to harvest greens and make wreaths mid-week this week. I hope to have them ready for pick up…

Week 10

Just as our season officially winds down the garden keeps on giving. Upon walking around we also found the fruit trees loaded with Asian pears and some delicious apples. Thank you for making this season so delight-ful!

Week 7

Pink! Yellow! Red! Warm colors for mid-July. Holly smiles post-harvest :: tansy, gladiola, love in the mist (seed heads) zinnia, clover, queen anne's lace and cosmos!

Week 6

A Bee-utiful day in the garden! And my bee-day! This week the gladiolas are ready. Harvest also includes purple coneflower, teasel, queen anne's lace, and zinnia!