Things are hoppin’ on the farm!

Flush, abundant, bloomin’, full-speed-ahead, busy -are all descriptors for this time of year on a Midwestern flower farm. We’ve been buzzing with lots of activity on Delight Flower Farm as you might have noticed on our various social media feeds. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to.

Our first annual Hops Plant Sale for Father’s Day weekend was mid-June at Sipyard in downtown Urbana with music by the lovely Matt and Claire of Meadowhawk. It was a grand success. We met a bunch of friendly local brewers, herbalists, and gardeners and sold some plants too.

image image

Sunflower (Zinnia, Honeywort, Sage, Nasturtium, Daisy, Gooseneck, etc!) harvest has begun!!!




Business deliveries:: This year we’ve added several new businesses to our regular delivery route. Thanks for your support, Watson’s Shack and Rail, Country Financial, Living Yoga Center, Green Yoga Spa, and Reisman Law Office. We’re glad to brighten up your work spaces with fresh flowers.


image image image

CSA on-farm pick up. This year, we’ve changed the shareholders’ pick up format from years’ past. This new location and structure -just a short 2 hour pick up window on the farm-puts the big “C” back into our flower CSA. Being able to greet shareholders in person each week  and have shareholders meet each other really does feel like it cultivates community (& the fuzzy baby goats sweeten the deal!)

image image image

Thanks for keepin’ up with our growth (pun intended)!


Week 9



We can’t believe it’s come to week 9/10 already! In fact, I’m late on publishing this post from last week and we are already now well into week 10! This season seemed to fly by once we dried out from the Urbana Monsoon that was June.
Shareholders, please come to the farm this Friday (5-7pm) for our end of season celebration and to pick up your final bouquets of the 2015 CSA season. We are excited to get together over flowers (& refreshments!) and share some exciting news about what we have planned for 2016!

Week 8


This week features surprise lilies (as well as the other favorites you’ve come to know this season: Queen Anne’s Lace, Zinnia, Tansy, Sunflowers, etc.)

Week 6 & 7: the bee’s knees

IMG_6475.JPGThe days have been sunny, hot, and humid. The height of excellence in this flower season by far. Our sunflowers are so huge, sculptural and prolific. We’ve been daydreaming about making their wide, seed-filled heads into outdoor shower nozzles. Do you think it would work?! 😉

I think both Liz and Holly have officially declared sunflowers as their absolute/enduring favorite flowers. I keep changing my mind. I’m easily smitten by whatever is currently blooming. Lately, Queen Anne’s Lace has been pushing to the top of my favorites list again. I mean, what’s not to love about these shapes?



Week 3

We’re bouncing back!




Flowers feature this week include:: Queen Anne’s Lace, Zinnia, Sundlower, Gooseneck, Black-eyed Susan, Marigold, Snap dragon, and purple coneflower.

New beginnings

holly with transplants

Holly and I had some time last Friday for a sweet little morning in the garden. We weeded around the delicate seedlings popping up (everywhere!) and got the last of our indoor transplants into the dirt outside. Every time I walk over to the garden lately there is something else (as intended) peeking out of the soil. It feels quite exciting- like some hide n’ seek game the garden is playing.

gladiolus sprouts

:: gladiolus sprouts in my shadow


:: our wise supervisor, Chloe


In full swing

This really is the glory days for the farm. The plants are tall, there’s been plenty of sun, a little bit of rain, some essential weeding, and blooms, blooms, blooms! Call it the cat’s pajamas, the bees knees, the hey-days, basically, everything’s coming up roses… it’s DELIGHTful on the flower farm right now.







this week’s warm blessings

:: high summer sun and it’s glorious light

:: dark rain clouds that deliver

:: bright bright! Globe Amaranth

:: garden Buddha

:: the first Zinnia means more to come…

May you go outside and see the beauty-filled blessings surrounding you. I’m off the California for a week-long, sure-to-bring-delight, yoga trip. The garden is in good hands. Enjoy your week.