We want your wedding to look as incredible as it will undoubtedly feel. When choosing flowers for this special day, consider working with Delight to source fresh, non-traditional, textural, and gorgeous blooms.

SERVICES. We offer à la carte elements for your wedding so that you can mix and match to get exactly what you want at the price you need. These offerings include (but are not limited to): bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, hair pieces, and more. We are only able to accommodate weddings within our region (we only service weddings within 150 miles of Champaign-Urbana). Deliveries are charged by the mile.

BOOKING. Ideally, there is plenty of time to coordinate with a couple about their wedding flowers. Please book your floral services with ample time for planning, and growing these flowers.

AVAILABILITY. Because we are a seasonal farm in the Midwest, we can provide flowers for weddings generally starting in April and running through October. We work within your color scheme and design or theme concept. Yet, there’s often an element of surprise to what is actually in bloom when the day comes!

THE DELIGHT COUPLE: Managing expectations is a huge component of building trust and communicating with ease and efficiency. Our ideal couple is creative, open-minded, and excited about sourcing locally-grown flowers for their celebration. They appreciate the breathtaking beauty that nature provides, and want to support a farm that respects the land. They might have some ideas about how their wedding flowers will look (colors, varieties, styles), but can ultimately remain receptive as we work with them to grow and design something truly beautiful for their special day.

Interested in working with Delight for your wedding? Please fill out our initial online questionaire here or email us to get the conversation started:

photo credit:
JP Goguen